Combined Courier, through its association withCombined Courier, allows international shippers the additional flexibility of using their own customs brokers who are familiar with their commodities and any specialized procedures required to ensure smooth and cost efficient passage through customs. This option is available for both outbound and inbound shipments. For details please click here or contact the nearest Combined Courier office.


Please check with your nearest Combined Courier office for availability to destination country.

Service Commitment

Time in transit: Same as current International Priority for each lane segment.
The Broker notification, paperwork and freight availability will be by 9.00 AM the day of the flight arrival.

Size and weight

FedEx International Priority guidelines for size and weight apply.

Paperwork Requirements

The 400 Air Waybill is required. The shipper marks “International Priority” in the service section and “Broker Selection” in the delivery/handling section. The broker’s name, city/country and telephone number should be included in the space provided.