Fuel Surcharge
Effective Date     Domestic    Regional    International
Combined Courier has adopted a Fuel Surcharge calculation method for Domestic Services effective December 2002 based on the WTI Index of Fuel Prices published in the Economic Times till June 2006.With the discontinuance of the WTI rate in the Economic Times post July 2006, the rates taken are based on the prices available for the day, or preceeding day where price for the day are not available, as per WTI index updated on the site of "Energy Information Administration" of the US Government. The current surcharge, effective 01 July 2008, is 67.5% on Domestic and Regional Services. The current surcharge, effective 01 June 2008, is 26.5% on International Services. This method more closely links the fuel surcharge to prevailing market prices for Aviation Turbine Fuel, and should help Combined Courier and its customers respond more quickly to changes in fuel prices in the market place. For more information contact our Customer Service to assist you. Top