Combined Courier, through its association withCombined Courier, can facilitate movement of gems and jewellery in rough and polished form to USA, Hong Kong, Belgium, UAE, UK and Japan. Maximum permissible weight 10 kg, value US $20,000, Customers own packaging, and commercial invoice are essential requirements. For details please click here or contact the nearest Combined Courier office


Out bound from India to: USA, Hong Kong, Belgium, UAE, United Kingdom and Japan.

Delivery Commitment

International Priority delivery commitment.

Size & Weight

The Broker notification, paperwork and freight availability will be by 9.00 AM the day of the flight arrival.

Size and weight

The maximum weight per shipment is 10 kg.


The maximum value per shipment is US$ 20,000


Customer’s own packaging

Paperwork requirements

Commercial Invoice.


Special pricing accompanied with a differentCombined Courier Account number.