International Courier Service
a) Storage, Third Party Storage and Inventory Control
Combined Courier can handle all your needs including storage components, delivery to any required destination on requirements, handling of finished products, distribution and shipping. All reports necessary to eliminate overstocking and to upgrade stock availability can be provided and can be designed to meet the particular needs of your operation.
b) Assembly
Light assembly of finished products from items that are available in stock. Assembly can be done on a case-by-case basis or as a standard configuration according to your instructions.
c) Dismantling
Finished products can be disassembled and recycled or stored as parts.
d) Packing & Packaging
Items can be packed and packaged according to your specifications and market needs.
e) Labeling
Items can be labeled or re-labeled in conformity with the specific requirements with regard to language, content and quality specifications of the final destination.
f) Repair and Return
Damaged products can be entered for repair or replacement of parts and then re-exported as finished products.
g) Shipping, Delivery and Customs Clearance
On-time delivery to the final destination with all formalities completed is guaranteed at competitive rates.